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Any Man’s Death Diminishes Me

Originally published in the Church Times 13th January 2012 (used with permission) The Report from the Commission on Assisted Dying was entirely predictable. Its key recommendation – that we legalize assisted suicide for terminally ill adults with less than a year to live- surprised no one. Indeed, what other outcome was likely from an initiative […]

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Women at the Cross

Women at the Cross by Elaine Storkey Reading: Mark 15 25-41; Luke 23 50-56 There were many bystanders at the public execution on that first Good Friday. Some came for the experience; the spectacle of human torture and death is magnetic for those with an appetite for cruelty. Others came because it was their job. They were […]

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Meeting the odd god of atheism

Meeting the odd god of atheism by Elaine Storkey Originally publised in Church Times 28th January 2011 Meeting a former university colleague I noticed with interest how some of his previous views had changed. This wasn’t surprising, for maturity challenges many of our attitudes and ideas. What was more surprising was that when he began to talk […]

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