Fulcrum Perspectives: Women Bishops Legislation

Fulcrum Perspectives: Women Bishops Legislation by James Mercer Some twelve years ago, I attended a conference for ordinands of all types and persuasions, held in Birmingham Cathedral. A friend and fellow ordinand asked the assembled plenary panel, with studied innocence, (the panel included the Archbishop of Canterbury in waiting) as to which of the 'two … Continue Reading

Fulcrum Book Review: ‘Simply Jesus’ by Tom Wright

Fulcrum Book Review:‘Simply Jesus’ by Tom Wright by James Mercer Tom Wright’s new book ‘Simply Jesus’ has been referenced in the ongoing Forum conversation ‘[email protected] St Paul’s. Here James Mercer attempts a thumb-nail synopsis of the book, in the hope that that it will encourage us to engage with Tom Wright’s challenging and fantastically exciting … Continue Reading

Fulcrum Book Review of ‘A New Kind of Christianity’ by Brian McLaren

Hodder and Stoughton ISBN 978-0-340-99548-8 £11.99  I always look forward to Brian McLaren’s writing and to his speaking. He is eloquent and accessible; challenging and a man of great humility. I find him to be one of those fascinating people with the ability to articulate my own thoughts and questions before I even know I … Continue Reading

How it is

‘How It Is’ by James Mercer The current commission in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern is titled ‘How It Is’. Conceived and designed by Polish artist Miroslaw Balka, the exhibit is a giant grey steel structure, enclosing a vast dark chamber. Hovering somewhere between sculpture and architecture, on 2 metre stilts, it stands 13 metres … Continue Reading

Evangelical Relics

Evangelical Relics? by James Mercer The intriguing arrival of the much-travelled mortal remains of an obscure French Carmelite nun at Westminster Cathedral prompted a mischievous memory of two other arcane relics – both evangelical ‘relics’. Both reside (presumably they are still there) within a theological college in Cambridge. To view one of them involves climbing … Continue Reading