Doug Pagitt's book 'A Christianity Worth Believing': a Fulcrum review

Fulcrum Book Review of Doug Pagitt’s A Christianity Worth Believing Jossey-Bass, 2008 ISBN 978-0-7879-9812-7 by James Mercer Doug Pagitt is the pastor of Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, a fellowship self-styled as ‘an holistic, missional Christian community’. Pagitt is one of the founders of Emergent Village, a social network of Christian leaders around the world ( … Continue Reading

Annoucing the King (not quite as expected)

Announcing the King (not quite as expected) by James Mercer Alexandra Burke’s ‘X Factor’ ‘Hallelujah’, a reworking of Leonard Cohen’s original beautiful song, is deeply rooted in the Old Testament story. It alludes (amongst other things) to David, the ‘model’, the ‘ideal’ king of Israel, God’s anointed one. As the song intimates, David whilst chosen, … Continue Reading

The Coming of the Son of Man – Fulcrum review by James Mercer

New Testament Eschatology for the Emerging Church Andrew Perriman Paternoster Press, 2005, price £17.99 ISBN 1-84227-299-3 A Fulcrum review by James Mercer This is a fascinating book that repays serious study. It is certainly no casual bed-time read. Andrew Perriman’s argument is based on a close study of scriptural texts and other ancient sources. … Continue Reading