Sunday Worship and Other Links (27th July)

1. The bells of St. Mary the Virgin, Bowdon in Cheshire - BBC Radio 4
2. Sunday Service from the Buxton Festival with Mozart's Missa Brevis in B flat
3. Choral Evensong from Winchester Cathedral - BBC Radio 3
4. Sunday Holy Communion livestreamed from St Helena's Church, Beaufort, South Carolina at 10:15 am Eastern Time, 3:15 pm London Time
5. Sunday Hour - BBC Radio 2
6. Some archived choral services during the holidays from the chapel of King's College Cambridge
7. Keswick 2014 - Life's Big Questions - Clayton TV
Vaughan Roberts 3 - Who am I? [Romans 5:12 - 6:14]
Vaughan Roberts 4 - How can I Change? [Romans 8:1-17]
Vaughan Roberts 5 - What hope is there? [Romans 8:18-38]
8. How to have joy in your life - Archie Coates - St Peter's Brighton Audio [ Philippians 4:4-7]
9. What is the future for Iraq's Christians? - Today interview with Canon White
10. Various other sermons available
All Souls, Langham Place
their 4,000 sermon searchable archive
St James the Less, Pimlico
Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham Alabama
Please pray for the Christians of Iraq and Mosul in particular, for the Church of England and for the release and rescue of the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls and give thanks for the freeing of Meriam Ibrahim from Sudan; for the persecuted church in Nigeria, Iraq, Sudan, Kenya; for peace in Ukraine, Israel and Gaza; and for the Diocese of South Carolina whose case was adjourned for the judge to consider on Friday.
11. Iraq: Statement from Bishop Mouneer about Iraqi Christians
Pray for the people of Mosul - Archbishop Sentamu
Crisis in Iraq - six things you can ACTUALLY do to help - Martin Saunders - Christian Today
Mosul Christian: Thanks for Changing Your #WeAreN Photo - Christianity Today
The rise of ISIS: how an unknown splinter group came to dominate Iraq - Christian Today
#WeAreN: thousands unite to support persecuted Christians in Iraq - Christian Today
12. Topical Prayers - Church of England
Prayers for the Church of England - Lent and Beyond
Sudan: Prayer of thanks for the release of Meriam Ibrahim - Lent and Beyond
NYC Pastor Who Prayed With Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan Credits Those Who Cried 'Let Meriam Go!' for Defiant Christian Woman's Release - CP
Nigeria: 11 parents of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls dead
Kidnapped girls' parents die as Chibok's trauma rises - WWM
South Carolina: Trial ends
More news may be collected here:
13. Sunday Programme - current affairs with Edward Stourton - BBC Radio 4
Food for thought
14. A fresh perspective on Old Testament genocide - Krish Kandiah - Christianity Today
An Anglican Church Rebrand - FT
15. Prayer - Ian Paul [Matthew 6:9-13]
16. Sundance - J&K Schwarz
17. Bach Fugue in G minor - David Hinnit

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