World Christianities 1914-2000: Fulcrum Review by Andrew Wheeler

World Christianities c1914-c2000 Cambridge History of Christianity Vol 9 Editor: Hugh McLeod Cambridge University Press 2006 ISBN: 0521815002 (hardback) Price: £100 (US$180) Fulcrum review by Andrew Wheeler And so the colossal enterprise draws to a conclusion – the 9th volume in the CUP attempt to describe 2000 years of Christian enterprise across the globe. And … Continue Reading

‘Letters to Lydia: ‘beloved Persis’, by Barbara Eaton

A book review of ‘Letters to Lydia: ‘beloved Persis’, by Barbara Eaton (Hypatia Trust, 2005), by John Martin, Head of Communication, Church Mission Society, Fulcrum Media Secretary and Reader in the Stepney Episcopal Area of the Diocese of London. Hypatia Trust, 2005 paperback, 410 pages, price £12.50 ISBN: 1872229549 Originally published in the Church of … Continue Reading

Summing Up and Response at Fulcrum Conference Islington by Dr Kirsteen Kim

‘Summing Up and Response at Fulcrum Conference Islington’, by Dr Kirsteen Kim, Chair of the British and Irish Association for Mission Studies and Lecturer at the United College of Ascension, Birmingham Kirsteen KimProf. Kirsteen Kim researches and teaches theology from the perspective of mission and world Christianity, drawing on her experience of Christianity in South … Continue Reading

The Times they are a-Changing: The Commonwealth, Faith, Tolerance and Multi-culturalism

‘The Times they are a-Changing: The Commonwealth, Faith, Tolerance and Multi-culturalism’, by Dr Jenny Taylor, Director of Lapido Media, a paper given at ‘The Commonwealth After Valetta’ Round Table Conference, Cumberland Lodge, 5-6 January 2006 For the better part of a century, Western governments have sought to eliminate the spiritual from their political discourse – … Continue Reading

‘Educating for Contextual Mission in the Light of Recent Events’

by Dr Cathy Ross CMS Mission Interchange Advisor A paper given at the Australian Missiology Conference Whitley College, Melbourne September 2005 The notes in the text are hyperlinked into the end notes; to return to the text, click on the end note number Introduction “In light of recent events” – in Australia this might refer … Continue Reading