Fulcrum comment on the 2003 Primates Meeting (1)

In addition to material that is already in the public domain from other sources, Fulcrum would add two comments about this week's Primates' Meeting at Lambeth:

  1. The importance of prayer. Pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury and his fellow Primates that wise counsel will prevail and the gospel will not be compromised.
  2. It is Mission that forms the basis of unity. For evangelicals our chief concern is not unity for its own sake but for securing the mission of the church. Mission is being put at risk in the present circumstances.

It is unfortunate that as far as public positions are concerned, there appears to be little space for negotiation or reconciliation between the different sides in the current debate. This Primates' meeting could portend an out-and-out fracture in the Anglican Communion. More likely, however, is that the Primates will agree a process where the Communion engages on key issues in sexual ethics over the next 2-3 years while at the same time issuing some kind of warning over the actions of New Westminster diocese and ECUSA's election of Gene Robinson. When the shape of things to come is known, Fulcrum will offer analysis and comment. Please watch this space.

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