Fulcrum Response to Primates’ Statement

Along with millions of others across the Communion and the wider church we in Fulcrum have been praying for the Primates as they gathered in Canterbury this week.

We are thankful to them and to God for the statement that they issued yesterday.

We welcome their unanimous desire to walk together and their honest recognition that at present this sadly must acknowledge the significant distance that exists between us in the Communion on the doctrine of marriage.

We believe that the actions which created that distance must, as we have often said in the past, have consequences in our common life as a Communion and are grateful to the Primates for their clear statement of these.

We continue to pray for the Primates and other Instruments of Communion and the Church of England and other provinces as they receive this statement and the fuller communique and seek to faithfully serve all people while we continue to discuss the full range of questions relating to sexuality in our churches and societies.

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