Students are increasingly turning to religious leaders for mental health support – Christian Today

University leaders have affirmed their commitment to strengthening student support, and counselling services are busier than ever. But one resource is often overlooked: chaplaincy. Chaplains are representatives of religion or belief organisations who work within universities to support the religious and pastoral needs of the communities. Matthew Guest. Christian Today 11 May 2019 Fulcrum NTThis … Continue Reading

Comment by HG Bishop Angaelos, on the recent spate of attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt, including the recent attacks in Al-Arish, Sinai.

I have now drafted and redrafted this statement numerous times over the past weeks, wanting to say something about the deadly attacks experienced by Coptic Christians in Egypt on a daily basis, yet every time I do, there seems to be a new and often more horrifying attack that needs to be addressed. In the … Continue Reading

The Hillsborough statement – Bishop Nick Baines

The Home Secretary’s statement following the Hillsborough verdicts was read in the House of Lords yesterday. The former Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, who chaired the Independent Panel, was seated in the gallery. Bishop Nick Baines’ blog. 28 April 2016 Fulcrum NTThis “author” stands for those providing the resources for Fulcrum’s Reading the NT project. … Continue Reading