1 Peter: Guide to Online Academic Resources

This page provides links to more academic resources online for studying 1 Peter.

Sites with Academic Articles

A number of sites provide links to journal articles and other academic resources on the New Testament.

The main pages for resources on 1 Peter are:

Mark Goodacre’s NT Gateway

1 Peter

Biblical Studies

1 Peter


Other Resources

Miraslov Volf has written a very important article entitled "Soft Difference: Theological Reflections on the Relation Between Church and Culture in 1 Peter" (Ex Auditu, 1994)

Download (PDF, 148KB)

Bruce Winter's 1998 Themelios article "'Seek the Welfare of the City': Social Ethics According to 1 Peter" is also an important contribution

Download (PDF, 553KB)

Word and World (2004) had a special issue on 1 Peter with a number of articles including:

Scot McKnight on"Aliens and Exiles: Social Location and Christian Vocation"

Download (PDF, 65KB)

M Eugene Boring with an overview of "First Peter in Recent Studies"

Download (PDF, 73KB)

On the difficult 1 Peter 3.19-20, Wayne Grudem's 1986 article is a good guide to the issues

Download (PDF, 957KB)

Karen Jobes, author of major commentary on 1 Peter, discusses the minor prophets in 1 Peter (as well as James and 2 Peter) in this article (pp 142-6).

Though now dated, this 1985 bibliography of academic literature by Denys Silva is a good guide to work before that date

Download (PDF, 1.46MB)


Fulcrum Articles on 1 Peter

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