Redemptive Justice: a Gospel framework for the Church of England’s on-going conversation with survivors of church-related abuse.

In the November 2020 General Synod debate on the IICSA Report about sexual abuse, there were proper calls for the conversation between survivors of church-related abuse and the Church of England to be marked by – among other things – justice, truth and reconciliation.  In a personal contribution to that conversation,  David Atkinson (former Bishop … Continue Reading

Listen to Fulcrum’s first Pivot^Point event

Fulcrum’s first Pivot^Point event took place on 18th September 2014 at St James the Less, Pimlico in Central London. The theme was Growing God’s Kingdom – through Intentional Evangelism. The speakers were Revd Canon Chris Russell, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Advisor for Evangelism and Witness, and Dr Elaine Storkey, President of Fulcrum. The evening was introduced & facilitated by Revd Lis Goddard … Continue Reading

Sounds of Easter

After the earthquake, silence in the garden, Even the birdsong hushed, And the cicadas shocked to stillness.   After the earthquake, silence in the garden, Guards like dead men lying, Whilst the risen Christ waits day’s dawning.   After the earthquake, silence in the garden, Wailing women running, Spices spilled, lying on the pathway.   … Continue Reading