Anglican Communion: Long Term Solutions not Dissolution

A paper written just prior to the Primate’s Meeting at Lambeth Dr David Jenkins, a former Bishop of Durham, is disillusioned with the Anglican Communion and suggests its dissolution (The Times, 13 October 2003). He considers that the churches should concentrate on mission and serving the flock within their national boundaries. This emphasis on nationalism … Continue Reading

Fulcrum comment on the 2003 Primates Meeting (1)

In addition to material that is already in the public domain from other sources, Fulcrum would add two comments about this week’s Primates’ Meeting at Lambeth: The importance of prayer. Pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury and his fellow Primates that wise counsel will prevail and the gospel will not be compromised. It is Mission … Continue Reading

Canal, River and Rapids: Contemporary Evangelicalism in the Church of England

(published in the journal Anvil Vol 20 No 3, September 2003, pp167-184) Contents The headings on this page are hyperlinked into their sections. The notes in the text are hyperlinked into the end notes; to return to the text, click on the end note number. Introduction Current Outlines of Watercourses Canal: Conservative Evangelicals River: Open … Continue Reading