The Quest for Truth and Freedom: Some Polanyian reflections (I) – Introducing Michael Polanyi to a post-truth world

In a two-part article helping the church think about how it understands itself and the nature of its calling in a ‘post-truth’ world, David Atkinson here introduces the life and work of Michael Polanyi and two key themes in his thought: The Way of Discovery and the key role of A Society of Explorers.

Paul’s concern for the women in Timothy’s churches: Notes on 1 Tim 2.8-15

One of the texts often quoted in defence of the concept of ‘male headship’ is 1 Tim 2. 8 – 15, although, of course, the language of ‘head’ comes from 1 Corinthians. It is presented as a definitive statement of the Apostle’s view about the impermissibility of women teaching or exercising authority over men in the Church….However, there is another way of looking at this text.

AWD press release

EMBARGOED UNTIL 12 NOON ON 21.2.1 'SHRUG CULTURE' OVER CLIMATE CHANGE CHALLENGED BY ASH WEDNESDAY DECLARATION (LONDON — 10.2.12) — LEADERS representing most of the UK's mainstream churches will tomorrow (Wed 22 Feb) call for repentance over the prevailing 'shrug-culture' towards climate change. Rt Hon Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt Rev Richard Chartres, Bishop … Continue Reading