Byzantium Exhibtion at the Royal Academy of Arts: a Fulcrum review

Byzantium Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts a Fulcrum review by Elizabeth Adekunle The exhibition organised by the National Gallery and the Benaki Museum in Athens is truly awesome, covering 10 rooms at the Royal Academy. The main part of the gallery is Byzantium 330-1450, documenting the history of the early church, using a … Continue Reading

World Christianities 1914-2000: Fulcrum Review by Andrew Wheeler

World Christianities c1914-c2000 Cambridge History of Christianity Vol 9 Editor: Hugh McLeod Cambridge University Press 2006 ISBN: 0521815002 (hardback) Price: £100 (US$180) Fulcrum review by Andrew Wheeler And so the colossal enterprise draws to a conclusion – the 9th volume in the CUP attempt to describe 2000 years of Christian enterprise across the globe. And … Continue Reading