Re-imagining World Christianity: Andrew Walls and his Legacy

Re-imagining World Christianity for the Church Universal: Andrew Walls and his Legacy A history department lecture given at Princeton Theological Seminary, 21 March 2011, as visiting MacKay Professor of World Christianity by Michael Nai Chiu Poon My aim in this lecture is to discuss the work of Andrew Walls with especial reference to his contribution towards … Continue Reading

Abdul Masih: Icon of Indian Indigeneity

republished, with permission, from the International Bulletin of Missionary Research, April 1999, Vol 23 No 2 Who is this seated Indian so serene and calm? What is he reading, with concentrated meditation, that is so evidently precious? What are those books and bottles in the background? Why was he celebrated with such a commissioned portrait? … Continue Reading

David Watson: a legacy

David Watson: A Legacy by Thomas Marshall This year marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Canon David Watson, one-time vicar of St. Michael le Belfrey York; pioneer behind the Renewal movement within the Anglican Church during the 1960s-80s; and much-loved international evangelist. There is so much that the Evangelical Church in Britain today … Continue Reading

Byzantium Exhibtion at the Royal Academy of Arts: a Fulcrum review

Byzantium Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts a Fulcrum review by Elizabeth Adekunle The exhibition organised by the National Gallery and the Benaki Museum in Athens is truly awesome, covering 10 rooms at the Royal Academy. The main part of the gallery is Byzantium 330-1450, documenting the history of the early church, using a … Continue Reading

World Christianities 1914-2000: Fulcrum Review by Andrew Wheeler

World Christianities c1914-c2000 Cambridge History of Christianity Vol 9 Editor: Hugh McLeod Cambridge University Press 2006 ISBN: 0521815002 (hardback) Price: £100 (US$180) Fulcrum review by Andrew Wheeler And so the colossal enterprise draws to a conclusion – the 9th volume in the CUP attempt to describe 2000 years of Christian enterprise across the globe. And … Continue Reading