Fulcrum response to ECUSA’s House of Bishops Covenant Statement

March 2005 Brakes and Breaks The Covenant Statement from ECUSA’s House of Bishops meeting in Texas applies the brakes to avoid breaks. For fifteen months, till the General Convention in June 2006, a moratorium has been declared on consecrating any bishops, not just those who live in a sexual relationship outside of marriage. The bishops … Continue Reading

Fulcrum response to Primates’ Statement

The Primates’ Statement, like the Windsor Report, manifests long term solutions, rather than precipitous dissolution, for the Anglican Communion. We welcome their statement which builds on the profound theological insights of the Windsor Report, provides sensible provision for voluntary discipline in terms of a 3 year withdrawal of the provinces of ECUSA and Canada from … Continue Reading

Maintaining the Bonds of Affection and the Discovering of Objects of Love:An East Asian Response to the Windsor Report 2004

Download the article as a PDF. Michael PoonMichael Poon is canon of Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore, and former director of the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Trinity Theological College. He is a member of the Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order of the Anglican Communion, and Anglican member of the Anglican … Continue Reading

The only poker game in town: reflections on the Windsor Report

1. The Lambeth Commission was asked to make a theological and legal discernment of a particular situation, describing that situation in an analytical way that would prepare for a practical decision by the Primates and A.C.C. Their work, we may say, is a service rendered to the episcopê of the Anglican churches, aimed towards an … Continue Reading

Windsor Report: Fulcrum Initial Statement

We consider this to be a very significant, thoughtful, in-depth, report with vital recommendations which could hold the Anglican Communion together. Clearly, it has teeth and is not a fudge. It is a much more conservative than liberal document. It is against excessive provincial autonomy, and the ‘pre-emptive strikes’ of the dioceses of New Hampshire, … Continue Reading

Anglican Communion: Long Term Solutions not Dissolution

A paper written just prior to the Primate’s Meeting at Lambeth Dr David Jenkins, a former Bishop of Durham, is disillusioned with the Anglican Communion and suggests its dissolution (The Times, 13 October 2003). He considers that the churches should concentrate on mission and serving the flock within their national boundaries. This emphasis on nationalism … Continue Reading

Fulcrum comment on the 2003 Primates Meeting (1)

In addition to material that is already in the public domain from other sources, Fulcrum would add two comments about this week’s Primates’ Meeting at Lambeth: The importance of prayer. Pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury and his fellow Primates that wise counsel will prevail and the gospel will not be compromised. It is Mission … Continue Reading